Art Direction / Graphic / Wed Development

Asuna Token


Cryptocurrency / NFT


Jan 2022


The Context

Asuna, resurrected from the abyss. Asuna is a community led platform to empower people of all ages and cultures in the cryptocurrency world. Cyclone has been in charge of the Asuna Token's 360 Art Direction. View archived website



Asuna Yuuki - 結城 明日奈 is one of the main fictional anime characters that appears in Sword Art Online series. ASUNA is inspired by SAO anime that gained world wide attention. Cyclone retook the old branding and created a new logo and general guideline inspired by the original character with a sword and bringing a fresh, modern and cryptocurrency style.


NFTs and Promotion Videos

Following the graphic guideline, we created a Asuna Token NFT Collection minted on Rarible on .mp4 video format. Around them, promotional trailers and different banners for social networks have been created.


Marketing, P2E Game & Clothing

Whitepaper, Marketing on all Social Medias, Fashion Clothing, Play to earn Game developed and redesigned by our more time, we have left nothing to chance.